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What is the TOEFL Exam? How to Prepare?


TOEFL examination, which is accepted by many institutions in the world, is the certification of foreign language proficiency. Those who choose to study abroad take the exam to prove their English level. Many institutions in our country measure English proficiency with a TOEFL certificate. This situation shows that it is not right to associate TOEFL with only abroad. Most institutions set the TOEFL requirement to learn the language levels of their employees. TOEFL, which is a holistic examination, consists of four sections in total. These; reading, writing, listening and speaking. You can use many resources to prepare for the exam. Making a good work plan allows you to gain speed in the process. Understanding the exam stages correctly allows you to plan well. Following your foreign publications, working with preparatory books, reading books, practicing and benefiting from the trainings will be your greatest help during the preparation phase.
What is TOEFL?

TOEFL was organized as a foreign language English exam in 1964 for the first time under the name of “Test of English As A Foreign Language”. It is an exam that was originally requested for entrance to the universities of the United States. Today, it is demanded and accepted by many universities and institutions worldwide. TOEFL IBT is implemented in two ways, which are implemented via the internet and TOEFL PBT is applied on paper. Fees may vary according to the countries where the exam is applied. In the exam consisting of four parts, the calculation for each part is above 30 points. A total of 120 points can be obtained. The TOEFL center maintains the results in two years. In this case, it would be beneficial to have a few copies by paying extra.

TOEFL Exam Preparation Methods

A large number of students around the world take the TOEFL exam to study abroad or to demonstrate foreign language levels to institutions. While some students’ English level is sufficient for the exam, some students apply for the trainings they will receive support. English education, which is one of the online education options you can attend through the Institute, will be your biggest supporter in this process. Let’s examine other methods you can use for the internationally valid TOEFL exam.

Determining your level of English well: First of all, you should get support from the centers that will determine your level correctly. Course centers will help you with this. Your determination will support the work schedule and time management that you have to do during the preparation process.

Creating a work plan: You should create a work program that suits you. The most important detail is your exam participation date. The length or shortness of the exam time is decisive in preparing your study program.

Making repetitions in English: You should take note of the new words, patterns and phrases you learned during the exam preparation phase. Examine the exam questions that have come up before and try to memorize the common words. Since the TOEFL exam consists of questions in the same system, carefully examining supports your familiarization process.

Conducting internet research: When you take into account that many students doing preparations are doing exercises on the internet, TOEFL is your supporter in the preparation phase. Subscribing to sites that will improve your English over the internet improves your vocabulary and grammar.


Work with Pleasure: If you have a good career goal, you should pay attention to English if you want to take part in a successful university and take advantage of the job opportunities that come up. Enjoying all the methods you choose will allow you to use your time well and achieve success. While preparing for the exam, watching your favorite TV series or movies in English and listening to music will allow you to spend more than just preparing for the exam.

TOEFL Exam Stages

The TOEFL exam consists of four parts. Each stage has different applications in itself. You have the opportunity to take the exam in writing or online.

Reading: 3 or 4 academic texts are given to the participants in the exam. They are expected to answer the questions prepared in accordance with this text. The number of questions is from 36 to 56. The time given in proportion to the number of questions varies between 60 and 80 minutes.

Listening: In the TOEFL exam, the listening stage may change in terms of number of questions and duration. The number, which ranges from 34 to 51 questions, also affects the duration. The response time is given between 60 and 90 minutes according to the listening passages. Participants respond by listening to conversations and discussions.

Speaking: Participants make their speeches in accordance with their task of expressing opinions, reading or listening about the subject determined within 20 minutes.

Writing: The writing phase of the TOEFL exam is 50 minutes. Participants are expected to compose according to the reading and listening situation determined. One of the most important elements in the writing section is not to make grammatical mistakes. You should also show that your vocabulary is improved. To do this, you must do it frequently and do research to learn new words.

How to Register for the TOEFL Exam?

You can register for the TOEFL exam online at any time of the day. You can also pay by credit card. You are expected to register at least 7 days before the exam date. If you forget to register for the exam, you can register up to 3 days before paying a certain additional fee. If you want to register by phone, the recording will be made from Turkey are carried out of the Netherlands. You can reach the Netherlands central phones. Communication with a staff member is provided in the records made by telephone. By coding your name information, you will be asked to submit your date of birth, choice of exam date, which center to attend, your address and credit card details. In the records made by mail, all information must be filled in completely and the form must be sent four weeks prior to the exam date and received a confirmation of delivery.
What you should have with you in the TOEFL Exam


You must have a valid identity document with you on the exam day. Participants are recommended to come with two acceptable IDs on the day of the exam. These identities are; identity card is like a driver’s license and passport. The documents that the TOEFL exam participants should have with them are expected to comply with the following conditions.

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